Carmen Brunson!  (Carmen you can thank my son – he picked your number!)  If I haven’t already, I will get you your coupon code shortly.

survey clipboardThank you to everyone who gave me feedback about a new 4 week art licensing group coaching program I’m working on.

I’ve put personal coaching on hold for a bit and have decided this will be a new way to try and give artists who want a bit more than eBooks and Ask Calls what they need, keep the price down and allow me to help more people at once.  I’m still working on the plan so stay tuned…

The feedback is very helpful for me to formulate this series. No point in creating something people don’t want, right?  I was surprised that out of 30+ respondents, only 4 wanted a program about how to find an agent, the rest want help learning to better represent themselves.  So I will create the program around self representation and have some information for how things might differ for those wanting to find an agent.

Time of day preferences were pretty split – between weekday mornings and afternoons and every time zone.  Will have to figure out what works best on that side of things…

So – thank you again to those artists who weighed in on this and stay tuned for details.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed