I’ve had piles all over the studio and in the spare bedroom for about a week.  Portfolios.  Booth decor.  Clothes. Samples. What else?

What am I forgetting?

Each year I am more organized getting ready to head to the show but I also do a little mental review of what went on last year.  As I’ve been running between rooms I was suddenly hit with a BAD MEMORY from last year…

When the show was over and it was time to move out, it was POURING RAIN.  I mean, crazy, hard, sideways rain.  This created two issues:

1.  How would I ever find a cab in this weather? and

2.  How would I keep my stuff dry?

It took me about 1/2 hour standing in the rain with my suitcases covered in any plastic I could find, looking like a drowned rat and on the verge of tears before I found a ride.  I’m not sure what the weather forecast is this year but I can assure you, I never want a repeat of that experience!

This year, I’m going to bring some yard-sized plastic bags with me just in case… then if it’s raining I can cover my stuff and know that it will be dry.  And don’t get a false sense of security if you have hard-bodied luggage, I do too and I was amazed at the amount of moisture that sneaks in through the zipper.  They are better than fabric but I believe garbage bags over the whole thing is a great way to go!

I am also arranging a ride to pick me up after the show ahead of time through Limos.com*.  Limos.com’s mission is to offer their customers fast and easy access to unbeatable prices for limousine and chauffeured transportation services for all types of occasions worldwide. Through their partnerships with the world’s leading limousine companies, they can get you great deals that can’t be found anywhere else.  I’ll let you know how it goes but let’s still hope for nice weather!

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Here’s to your creative – and drowned-rat-look-free – success!

– Tara Reed