SURTEX 2016 Highlights in Preparation for Surtex 2017!

Last year I had the honor to be featured in a few of the Design Tourist SURTEX videos recapping the trends found in our industry this past year.  Whether you have never attended SURTEX or you are a veteran, I feel like Karen LeBlanc covered the content pretty well.  As you are gearing up for the shows this year – I thought that these videos were great resources!  (Click on the five links below to view the video content.)

SURTEX – Design Tourist – Consumer Trends

SURTEX – Design Tourist – Inside the Mind of the Artist

SURTEX – Design Tourist – The Story of Stuff

SURTEX – Design Tourist – SURTEX 2016

SURTEX – Design Tourist – Trendspotting, the Latest Looks in Home Decor