An important skill to learn – which I’ve heard artists get really good at during critiques at art school – is to be able to step back and evaluate your work AND your results without letting emotion get in the way.

Sure – emotions sometimes pop up when we don’t get that deal we wanted or our dream company says “no thank you”.  Everything from mild disappointment to tears welling up in your eyes – emotion happens.

But when the emotion subsides, can you step back and take an unemotional look at what happened?

WHY didn’t your art get chosen?  Did you get any feedback and if so – do you agree?  Sometimes we choose to make changes based on feedback, other times we don’t.  Feedback is just that – one or a few people’s opinion.  WE DECIDE what to do with it.  Change, tweak, do nothing. Our choice.

When you get a lot of the same feedback and you aren’t getting licensing deals, it’s time to look closer at whether art licensing is for you if you don’t want to change.  Again – your choice and either option is ok.  Stay and keep trying.  Look for other ways to make a living with your art.

Over the weekend I saw a link from Kate Mason (Messy Miss Kate) on Facebook. She was a finalist in Lilla Rogers’ Great Talent Search but wasn’t the ultimate winner.  I haven’t been following it closely but was intrigued and decided to go read the post. (Truth be told I was also avoiding what I needed to get done but it ended up being a blessing in disguise that I was wandering through FB!)

Kate does a great job talking about the emotion of it and then steps back and really analyzes why she didn’t think she was chosen, what she did, what she might have done differently and where she goes from here.  Click here to read her blog post

Every artist that wants to succeed at making a living from their art and not just doing art as a hobby needs to learn this skill.

Thank you Kate for a great example and good luck with your book and future aspirations!

Here’s to everyone’s creative success!

– Tara Reed