For the past 10 months I have been doing a free, monthly “Ask” call, answering questions sent in by artists like you.  We’ve had fabulous questions and content that is helping artists at all levels – from beginners to those who have been in the industry a while.  I’ve learned a lot when I have special guests like Paul Brent, attorney Cheryl Hodgson and Joyce Lukczar of

Each and every month at least one or two people will ask,

“How do I get started in art licensing?”
“How do I know if my art is a good fit for licensing?”
“What should I do first?”

These are GREAT questions!  Hard to get started and use your time well if you don’t have the basics.  (And everyone has to learn it at some point – no one is born just ‘knowing’ what to do – so no question is a bad question.  If you have it, someone else does too!)

Sq-BeginBasicsI have decided to put together a $20 introductory call called “Art Licensing – Beginner Basics”.  For 45 minutes by phone, I will explain how it works, what to expect and where to start.  This is a great investment for people just hearing about the concept of licensing. You will leave the call knowing if art licensing might be for you or just doesn’t sound like a good fit.

If the call is well received, we’ll do them regularly.  At minimum, the replay will be available after the September 22nd live call date.

So if you want a more detailed answer to “How do I get started” then you get on the monthly calls, go to to see what we will be covering.  Hope to talk with you on the 22nd!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara

P.S.  The September monthly ask call will feature artist Jill Seale – go submit your questions or just sign up for the call at NOW!