At ArtLicensingInfo, we have developed educational tools for your development and learning of the world of art licensing.  For the majority of this learning, we have created eBooks, which are immediately downloadable and accessible to you.  However, we offer two products that can serve your specific needs that are available only as software or in disc form.  In both cases, the product is handled/shipped from outside parties.

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Created by artist Tara Reed and Camp Software

Complete system for managing your contacts, contracts, copyrights, collections, royalties and licensed products.

Developed and sold through Camp Software on FileMaker Pro Software (not a produced product, though we serve as an affiliate and make a percentage from each sale)

$299, with one year of free upgrades.

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Image disc containing everything you need to create digital images showing how your art would look on products – gift, stationery, tabletop, kitchen and bath.

89 Photoshop™ psd or png flies of professional photographs of “whiteware, with backgrounds removed and nine video tutorials with more than two hours of “over the shoulder” live-streaming instructions.

Only $137  (physical product with 2 – 3 week ship time)

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