I feel better and more informed about how to use and manage social media after our call with Michelle McCullough last night – do you?

Time management and social media used to be mutually exclusive topics but more and more, social media is one of the biggest distractions / time sucks entrepreneurs face.  We are bombarded with messages that say we HAVE to be on every social media site if we want to be successful.  But few people are talking about how to decide which sites will best fit a particular business so it feels like a lot of time and energy is wasted as people throw information willy-nelly around the net in the hopes that it works.

All of this connecting, liking, plus one-ing, pinning and more takes time.  That is time that you could be doing other things – creating art, implementing other marketing strategies or, dare I say it, relaxing and living your life.

I’m really excited that Michelle McCullough agreed to talk to us about both of these important topics and that I can offer the replay from the call for free.

I met Michelle a year ago at Tiffany Peterson’s Elevation event and also had the chance to learn from her at a more intimate business workshop. I love how she helps people create systems and figure out percentages of time they should shoot for for different tasks, based on their business.  She isn’t a one size fits all.

Michelle really knows how to manage her time! She has 2 young kids and 3 businesses.  She is the Managing Director of the website startupPrincess.com – a website that helps entrepreneurs (mostly female but men can learn a lot there too!) with every aspect of starting and running a business.  She is a speaker and coach and a wiz when it comes to marketing, social media and time management.  She also runs a promotional products company – and you all thought I did a lot!

I hired Michelle to do a marketing review of my art website and got lots of great tips and tweaks to take it to the next level.  I will warn you – she talks really fast!  I have come to look at that as an asset because we will get a ton of information from her in our hour!

When I first scheduled this call, I thought the focus would be on time management.  Then I added social media as an option… Well, since these calls are created by questions submitted by artists like you, the focus is going to be on better understanding how to productively use your TIME on social media.

free replay about social media and time management with Michelle McCullough and Tara ReedHere is what we covered on the call:

We talked about the 6 main social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram & Google Plus.  Who is on them, what their strengths are and why they may or may not be worth your time and energy. Michelle made some recommendations for artists who are not only interested in art licensing but also sell directly to consumers through their own or other websites like Etsy, Society6, Fine Art America, CafePress and more…
We talked about the four basic types of social media posts and how and when to use each.
We talked through some strategies for Instagram and Facebook and a bit about Google + and LinkedIn too.
We wrapped up talking about how long  you should spend on social media and how to manage it so it works for you and doesn’t control you…

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Find Michelle online at http://michelleontheair.com/ – she has lots of free audio content.  You can get her Social Media Blueprint product for only $97 thru 9/25/14 at http://michelleontheair.com/socialmedia/- I got it! 🙂

Next up… I’m excited to announce that our next guest will be an attorney from the Library of Congress – Copyright Office.

Library of Congress Copyright Office talks with Tara Reed about copyright concerns of artistsThe call will be on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 but we aren’t sure of the time yet.  It will basically be whatever time they want it to be!  (The replay will be free as well so no need to worry about the time – although it is great to have all the energy of the artists who choose to listen live!)
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