Michelle McCulloughOur next Ask Call expert is brand new to the Art Licensing Info team –  Michelle McCullough.  I was first introduced to Michelle at Tiffany Peterson’s Elevation event last Sept (want to come this year? More details further down…)

Michelle talked about social media and more specifically, how to manage your TIME on social media so you still get other things done.  Genius!

Later she was a guest speaker at one of the Inner Circle meetings I attended (a 6 month program I participated in – again, with the amazing Tiffany Peterson).  This time we talked about marketing AND social media.  And a little bit about Time Management.  I knew I had to share her with you!

I hired Michelle to do a marketing review of my TaraReedDesigns.com website and was thrilled with some of the tweaks she suggested.  There were a lot of “Why didn’t I think of that?” thoughts going through my head as I furiously wrote down all the ideas she had that I later implemented.

Basically – I’m a Michelle McCullough fan.

Michelle will be joining me on the September 17, 2014 Art Licensing Info Ask Call.

We need you to start submitting questions about time management and social media as soon as they come to mind.  In fact, why don’t you do it right here, right now??

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More about Michelle McCullough:

Michelle is the author of The Time Blueprint for Entrepreneurs (affiliate link) Michelle will share her years of experience in helping entrepreneurs make the best use of their time.

She is also a co-founder of www.StartUpPrincess.com -a website dedicated to helping women grow businesses.  (And they have helped men too – in spite of the website name!)

Other places to learn more about and connect with Michelle McCullough:



I’m looking forward to the call – mark your calendar for 9/17/14 so you don’t miss it!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S.  Want to join me at the Elevation event in Salt Lake City, Utah – Sept 11-13, 2014?  It’s only $197 for 2 1/2 days and you will leave a changed (for the better!) person.  Learn all about it at Elevation2014.com (affiliate link) If you decide to come, let me know – I’ll be there!

Tiffany Peterson's Elevation 2014 event