I feel like I just gave birth… not to a child this time but to a project that has been developing for months.  And this blog post serves as a ‘baby announcement’ of sorts because the baby is here, I couldn’t be more delighted, tired and proud to tell the world!

MockUp-CdCaseThis is my first physical product that must be delivered by mail and not by digital download.  Why?  Because it has too many pieces and too much content.

What you get:

• 46 Photoshop™ (.psd) or PNG files with professional photographs of stationery, tabletop and gift industry products. The backgrounds have already been removed so they are ready to use for presentation and portfolio mock-ups.

• 9 video tutorials with more than 2 hours of ‘over the shoulder’ live-streaming instruction. Watch artist Tara Reed apply patterns and learn from a few mistakes along the way! (Then you will feel better when you make them too – right?)

What you need:

Photoshop™ (the video tutorials show CS3 screens but the concepts should work with most professional versions of Photoshop™)

Art that you want to show on products.
The tutorials focus on placing repeat patterns and borders on the product photos but you can use the same concepts for more illustrative art as well. If you don’t know how to create repeat borders & patterns and save the patterns to the pre-set manager in Photoshop, I highly recommend you consider working through the Repeat Pattern eBooks before buying this product.

CD drive on your computer to access the product photo files and video tutorials.

Here’s a video that shows you a little more…

[youtube QofflhIIA7A nolink]

To get all the juicy details and a list of exactly what is included, head right on over to:


Check it out now while there is a ‘pre-production’ price of $67 if you order before October 20th (products will ship on October 21st).  Even a few freebies thrown in too.  So go now… learn more!

Here’s to making things easier!

– Tara