September 19th was the 36th hour-long Art Licensing Info Ask Call – I can’t believe it! I still remember shaking in my boots before the first call in December 2008 hoping someone would call in and I wouldn’t be listening to myself. 🙂 (32 people did – I was over-the-moon excited! Now we usually average about 100 – yeah!)

Attorney Kyle-Beth Hilfer delivered another info-packed hour of knowledge that artists serious about art licensing should know. I love her candor, practical approach and of course – her willingness to share her experience with us!

Here is what we talked about on the call:

  • The licensee perspective in art licensing contracts to give you a better understanding of the goals of the other party so you can negotiate win-win agreements
  • Copyright concepts – if you register in large groups, does it decrease your legal protection and remedies vs. registering in smaller groups
  • When selling images or doing mural art, etc., how do you retain the copyrights and the ability to license the designs for products?
  • Concerns about Pinterest terms of use
  • When is it ok to use quotes by famous people in art?
  • What copyright and trademark notifications need to be included on art and eBooks to protect my work?
  • What should we look for when reviewing a contract from an agent and what do you consider red flags?
  • Is it ok for artists to deal with manufacturers without an attorney?
  • How can we protect ourselves against copyright infringements that happen abroad?

If you missed the call or want to listen to it again – the mp3 replay is on sale for $20 through Wednesday October 3, 2012.

Want to learn more about Kyle-Beth Hilfer? Visit her website for contact information and a great blog –

Next Up… We Have a Brand New Guest!

The next call is on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 and we will be welcoming Art Licensing Agent Alicia Dauber to the line for the first time! I got to know Alicia when we taught a class together at the 2012 SURTEX show and then an artist emailed saying they’d love to hear an agent again… Alicia agreed and we are ready to go!

When you have your art licensing agent question ready, head to and send it in!

You can learn more about Alicia and her agency – Licensing Liaison – at

I hope you continue to enjoy these calls and learn from the valuable information the many experts provide.

Here’s to your creative success –

– Tara Reed