One day I was chatting with @ecstewart taking about video… she mentioned that you could record what you are doing on your computer screen with the new Mac OS – Snow Leopard.  COOL!  Of course I’ve created all kinds of problems for myself in the past by jumping into new technology (especially operating systems) without making sure all the software I use is ready to hop on board with me!

Turns out, some of my daily stuff isn’t ready.  So how fabulous that I have 2 computers… (spoiled, I know!)  I added Snow Leopard to my laptop and am now re-recording video tutorials for an upcoming product – “Product Mock-Up Magic”.  It will include 42 professional product photographs and instructions to teach you how to get your art on them to digitally mock-up products.  Great for your portfolio, manufacturer presentations, etc.

“Product Mock-Up Magic” will be talking mostly about applying repeat borders and patterns to the product photos so if this interests you and you don’t know how to do the pattern part yet, I recommend you go look at that eBook series so you are ready to go when the product is.  CLICK HERE

It will be a physical product so I have to finish the videos and send it off to have the DVDs made.  My target is to have it ready in the beginning of November… stay tuned!

For now, here is a 3:20 video showing you how the screen recording works and a very small, sneak peek at what “Product Mock-Up Magic” will be.

[youtube V-L25flFR38 nolink]

I better get back to work so I can get this new project ready to go!  Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara