Two sales will be ending tomorrow … thought I’d throw out a quick reminder so you can keep more of your cash for art supplies!

The reduced price on the Ask Tara Reed & Maria Brophy call replay

AskTaraReed-AudioSale-011613Here is what we covered on the call:

  • How do I go from traditional artist to licensed?
  • What is the first, most effective, most cost efficient exercise I should do when just starting out wanting to license my artwork?
  • Where do I find Licensors interested in my art where I get paid versus getting an agent who I have to pay to locate one?
  • From your experience, can people find success in licensing doing it part time or is it almost always a full time endeavor?
  • Since I do not plan on having an agent, at what point do I need a licensing attorney?
  • How does one know when they are ready to exhibit at Surtex?
  • Discussion about creating collections & size of art…
  • What happens when another artist imitates an image with their own work, but obviously copying the original style?

The replay will be on sale for $20 thru January 31, 2013 – CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY OF THE CALL AT THE DISCOUNTED RATE!

And the $5 off the Time Management for Artists coupon expires on 1/31/13 as well…

Time Management for Artists by Artist Tara Reed

This isn’t an airy-fairy thought provoking eBook that will leave you with great intentions and little action.  This is a time management tool that I have been using for the past three years to hold myself accountable for how I spend my time in my art business.  I will give you some background about why I came to love this system, then I will explain how you can use it to your advantage in your own art business – be it new or established.

When used regularly, this system will tell you what your priorities are and it will let you know if you are on track – or maybe why you aren’t as on track as you’d like to be – towards reaching your goals.

This is a way to track how you are spending your time.  This ISN’T a way to decide how to spend your time or prioritize your activities.

(Time Management for Artists is a tool to track time – if what you really want is a way to decide what you should be doing, please check out The Goal Wheel for Artists – also by Tara Reed.  These two systems will work great together!)

Now thru January 31, 2013 (my birthday!) get $5 off Time Management for Artists by using the promo code TIME when you checkout.

[youtube gwsQYSq7OMg]

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Here’s to your creative success!