Ronnie Walter talks about art licensingWhat a great call to start off 2014!  Ronnie Walter never fails to make me laugh… and not only did she keep up her record on that end, she also shared a lot of great advice and insights about the business of art licensing. Were you one of the 70+ artists on the line listening live?

If you listen to the free audio replay, you will rethink your aspirations of being a Diva, you will get some great advice about connecting with new clients and if you are like me – you will be finding a cute basket to hold all of your creative ideas in one place! (WHY didn’t I think of that before?? Genius!)  Those are just a few highlights – trust me, it’s worth a listen.  🙂

Here is what we covered on the call:

  • Is art licensing more of an “on the side” stream of income?
  • How do you divide your time, percentage wise, between creating, marketing, and updating the website and social media?
  • What do you see as the biggest mistakes artists are making when trying to get into art licensing?
  • Are you and Jim seeing more flat fee licensing deals? What are your thoughts on Flat fee licensing?
  • When you submit your work simultaneously to different clients, how do you make a deal if more than one is interested a few weeks apart?
  • Can you give us a sample on how you do your “cold calling”?
  • What do you find to be the most flexible and in-flexible parts you can negotiate in a contract?
  • For artists just starting out and have no impressive list of clients/projects, what suggestions do you have for them so that they are not looked over/ignored by agents?
  • Ronnie’s Five Things to Forget About in Art Licensing

Since this was Ronnie’s first call, you can get the hour-long audio replay for free!  If you have signed up for a call before,  check your inbox for the link to download the audio.  If you have never signed up for a call, opted out or simply can’t find the email, you can get a copy by signing up below.

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A few links you might be interested in that we mentioned on the call:

Buy Ronnie’s Book, License to Draw, on Amazon [affiliate link]

Learn more about the eBook, How to Understand Art Licensing Contracts, by Tara Reed & Maria Brophy

Learn more about Ronnie and her work at
Become Ronnie’s fan on Facebook

So… grab your copy and listen while you create your own amazing art!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

Attorney Kyle-Beth Hilfer answers legal questions about art licensingNext Up…

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