I know I do – OFTEN!

You get excited, fired up, you make a plan… then you start to work and it feels daunting.  Then you talk to someone who questions your ability to make it happen… or you read a negative thread on social media, or something else happens that leaves you disheartened.

But you aren’t a quitter!  You pick yourself back up, change your attitude and start over… let’s just say this, “Art licensing isn’t for sissies!”

Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCESS magazine has just released a new book that speaks to this very issue.  I ordered a copy and can’t wait for it to arrive!  His work is always positive, uplifting and HELPFUL.  It’s not fluff – he always presents concepts and strategies that work, both in the magazine and other books I’ve read.  (The Compound Effect [affiliate link] being one of my other favorites.)

Here is a video from his newest release, I will be surprised if this doesn’t have you nodding your head in agreement with a “been there, done that!” feeling!

[youtube f222WeiTCzo]

And here’s a link to learn more about the book (and this isn’t an affiliate link – it isn’t available on Amazon just yet!) https://rollercoasterbook.success.com/

Here’s to YOUR creative success!

– Tara Reed