I received an email a few weeks ago that said something like this,

“I want to learn more about how to contact manufacturers, and please dumb it down because I’m new.”

This just made me shake my head and say, “REALLY?” I have so many resources for learning about the many facets of art licensing but they want me to answer them personally, oh, and dumb it down too.  I’m all for being helpful – really I am.  I’ve written articles, done many free interviews, done more than 25 ask calls that are available free to anyone who listens live and many replays are free too.  There are more than 400 blog posts about art licensing.  If a person isn’t willing to look for some answers and just expects a personal response to a basic question that is readily available, they probably aren’t going to do so well in this business.

You have to work hard and make things happen – they aren’t handed to you on a platter.

However, there are so many artists who read and look and learn that I thought this would be a great time to point you in some helpful directions when it comes to finding information about interacting with manufacturers.

ARTICLES about finding and working with manufacturers

VIDEO about finding manufacturers

How to Find, Interact and Work with Manufacturers Who License Art - eBook by Tara ReedeBOOK: How to Find, Interact and Work with Manufacturers Who License Art

ASK CALL REPLAYS – many answer specific questions about manufacturers who license art

Look through the many free and for fee audio replays – over 250 hours worth – to see what questions have been asked and answered about manufacturers.  You can see everything at www.ArtLicensingInfo.com/audio-archives.html

If you have specific questions, feel free to submit them for consideration for the next call.  The schedule and links to the website(s) to submit your questions are also on that page.

I hope that helps!  Wishing you much success!

– Tara Reed