There are many ways to get your things to an art licensing trade show. (Or any trade show for that matter!)  You can ship them through trade show shipment companies directly to the show facility.  You can pack them in your suitcase and bring them with you on the plane or in your car.

You can also ship ahead to most hotels.

If you don’t travel with “stuff” for business often, this might seem unusual and scary.  But hotels regularly receive packages for guests while they are staying there or even slightly ahead of time.

Since I have paper banners that TSA would ruin if they chose to inspect my luggage, there is no way I’m putting them in my suitcase on my way to SURTEX.  Instead, I’ll be shipping them by FedEx or UPS to my hotel in New York.  Then I can hand-carry them to the show, knowing the box hasn’t been opened.

I ship my packages to arrive a day or two before I get on the plane so I can travel KNOWING everything is where it needs to be.  Peace of mind is key before a big event!

If you want to ship ahead to your hotel, be sure to call them and ask if they will accept packages before you arrive and any special instructions.

Here’s to a successful show!

– Tara Reed