This question came in in a blog post comment the other day and I decided it was worth a post:

If a manufacturer of Fine art gifts offers a contract requesting 300dpi JPEGS, but the artist is paid per sale, as the items are custom made to order… shouldn’t the artist supply the 10 JPEGS at 72dpi low-res until a sale is made– then supply the high-res dpi JPEG?

The company is legit, as some heavy-hitters in art licensing world are on their roster.

Not so mainstream...

My assumption:  Based on the way this is worded (“offers a contract”) I’m assuming it is a licensing contract and not just initial art submissions to a prospective client.

My response: If this is a contract and the company is doing print-on-demand, it makes sense to me that they would want hi-res art before sales have been made.  Many art publishers need hi-res to show samples before a framer or retailer will place a traditional order.  In the print-on-demand arena, they would need to have the art ready to go the minute an order is placed.

Think about customer expectations these days – we want things YESTERDAY!  When I order things online, I want them to ship quickly and be at my door.  I don’t want a week or two lag time so the publisher can contact the artist, who might be on vacation and unable to get the art to them, etc.

SO… if this were me and my assumption is correct, and I investigated the company and felt good about them being a reputable company,  I would send the hi-res.

Hope that helps!

Here’s to your creative success.

– Tara Reed