I must admit – I have resisted Pinterest as much as I have resisted Google+.  My niece – who is in college – was the first to tell me about this new site almost a year ago.  “Aunt Tara – I think you might like this!”  I took a quick peek and determined I might like it too much and never returned. 🙂  The fact of the matter is – there are SO MANY cool things on the web and new ways to connect with others that one person simply can’t do them all.

I know there are many artists in licensing that are totally digging Pinterest.  I know there are others that are a little concerned about their terms of use in regard to copyrights and protecting their work. (That issue was be addressed on the Sept 19, 2012 Ask Call with Attorney Kyle-Beth Hilfer)

Kathy Alpert – owner of PostMark Press – has become a big fan of Pinterest and found that growing a community on the site can be done rather quickly.  While this doesn’t cover every aspect of Pinterest (like community boards) but it might be enough to, well, peak your interest in Pinterest. 🙂

Here is what Kathy has to say:


Creatives flock to Pinterest

by Kathy Alpert, PostMark Press
(September, 2012)

You’re invited to a virtual feast.  You’ll enjoy a spectacular buffet of cupcakes, quotes, crafts, and cocktails on the beach. You can’t help but be distracted by gorgeous designer clothing, European castles, waterfalls, shoes, DIY videos, vintage jewelry, tattoos, street art, or just about anything else you can imagine.  All arrive on your screen via an endless stream of images.  It’s hypnotic – some say addictive – and, for now, it’s free.

Welcome to Pinterest, the white hot social media platform, which over the last six months has become the darling of droves of artists, designers, architects, event planners, and photographers worldwide.  It’s a relatively young company, yet Ralph Lauren, Nordstrom, West Elm, Anthropologie, Real Simple, Whole Foods, and many other big names have eagerly jumped on board.

Log onto Pinterest, and you’re faced with an inexhaustible supply of visually stimulating imagery.  Yet surprisingly, communication on Pinterest is kept to a minimum.  The only way to contact another pinner is to leave a “comment” about their pin.  Perhaps that’s the reason Pinterest has been called “Facebook without the whining.”

Once a haven for wedding planners and those in search of a new hairstyle or recipe, today, with more than 18 million users, Pinterest is all about inspiration; yet, somehow it has managed to become a key player in commerce.  You’ll find that popular categories include interior design, art, and photography.  Along the way, you’ll pick up tips on everything from vacation spots to hairstyles.

How it works…

Begin your adventure by clicking on an appealing image you spot in the image stream.  This will take you to a board, and if you like what you see, you may “follow” it.  You can seek out specific categories using Pinterest’s less than stellar search function, or just watch for cool images in the stream and they’ll take you back to the source of the “pin” or “repin.” Now you’re ready to create a collection of boards reflecting your interests.  Once your boards are up and running – ideally with whimsical names – you’re ready to start “pinning” or “repinning.”  In addition to the aforementioned image stream, you can begin to “repin” choice images spotted on boards you’ve discovered.  You can easily upload and pin your own images as well, taking care to credit artist, photographer, or other source.

When you follow a pinner or a board, their pins automatically appear in your image stream.  Ultimately, through methodically following and repinning, you’ll build your own following of admirers, prospects, and other valuable business connections.

Want to showcase your own art?

Just make sure to add a watermark first – but don’t go overboard and completely obscure the image.  You can even use Pinterest to sell your art, by linking back to Etsy, eBay, or your own ecommerce enabled site or blog.  Other pinners can click through, landing on your blog or wherever you send them (checkout, perhaps?).

How to join Pinterest…

Now it’s possible to join Pinterest instantly, using your email address. No more waiting to get invited or being forced to sign in via Facebook or Twitter.  So scope it out and begin to build your collection of boards.  You’ll be delighted to find Pinterest runs no advertising and it’s absolutely free – for now, anyway.

Building a presence on Pinterest is exciting and energizing; it’s full of promise for both licensors and licensees. To see what can be accomplished in three months, check out my boards at http://www.pinterest.com/postmarkpress/.  I went from 0 to 2,000 followers in just two months, mostly by repinning.

Need some encouragement or advice?

I now offer Pinterest Coaching, so drop me an email at ksa@postmarkpress.com or give me a call at 617/926-1165.  Happy pinning!

Thanks for the intro Kathy! I was even inspired to create an account… and have started pinning a few things.  I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing or how it all works but I’ll let you know what I decide later.

You can find and follow Kathy on Pinterest at Pinterest.com/PostmarkPress/

I am figuring things out at Pinterest.com/ArtistTaraReed

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed