Do you learn better in group settings, sharing information with others?

Do you enjoy listening to others and learning directly from an instructor versus on your own?

Do you like the idea of having structured time for learning as opposed to carving out learning time from your schedule?

If so, the ArtLicensingInfo Online Classes may be just the thing for you!  Many people gain much more information in “classroom” style settings, interacting with others; albeit where the physical room has been replaced with a phone and a social media “hangout.”

We currently offer the following options for our online group coaching . . .



In conjunction with our eBook, How To Get Started in Art Licensing,” the Art Licensing Academy is a four-week group coaching program that is conducted by phone and additionally supported by a private Facebook™ group.  Once a week there is a live lecture on an art licensing business topic, and once a week there is a live Question & Answer call.  Every call is recorded, and students can add the audios to their learning library if deemed appropriate.

Allows artists access to information, support, and inspiration in their quest for knowledge about the art licensing industry.

Presented by ideaologie Founders Melissa Schulz and John Mavrakis, sharing their combined 75 years of business and 35 years of licensing experience.

To learn more about the ART LICENSING ACADEMY . . .

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In conjunction with our eBook, Art Licensing Trade Show Success Secrets,” the Trade Show Academy is a five-month group coaching program structured to giving you all of the tools you need to be prepared for either SURTEX in May of each year, or the Licensing Expo in June of each year.  The program consists of 2 live calls per month by phone with some content, but focused primarily on Questions & Answers within the group.

In addition, a private Facebook™ group is integral to the Academy; used for posting information and weekly tips, and sharing questions that will arise during a week.  Every call is recorded, and students can add the audios to their learning library if deemed appropriate.

As the timing of this class is once a year, activation of the class depends on the number of interested parties wishing to register.

If you are interested is signing up for the Trade Show Academy...

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In conjunction with our eBook, Marketing 101 for Artists”  the class is a two day, one hour per day, group coaching program where students will receive a detailed explanation of how to effectively, efficiently and successfully market their business to manufacturers, peers and consumers.

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