Daily Habits.  It is the little things we do or don’t do that often make the biggest difference.  It isn’t just the days we are so inspired we can’t stop creating and we take massive action… they are important too but those little daily habits… they are the key to the kingdom!

In case you don’t know this yet – I’m a bit of a personal and business development junkie.  I love reading and taking classes, listening to audios, etc  How can I be more productive in my life.  In my business.  What is working for others and might it work for me…

One piece of advice that regularly comes up that I ignored until recently was this:  Don’t check your email in the morning.

I had lots of reasons why this was ok for me to do.  “I needed to know what I needed to do for the day” – to the point that I apparently thought I needed to know who had emailed me overnight or on the east coast while I was still in bed – because I would find myself checking email on my phone before ever getting out of bed!

Then in January I made a decision to take charge of my health and put myself first.  I’ve spent so many years taking care of other people and building my business that I kept coming in second… if I was lucky.

I hired a coach to kick my booty for a few months and get me on the straight and narrow.  I was instructed to get to the gym bright and early, first thing!  It was hard at first – in part, because I would look at my email.  The voices in my head – the resistance – would say things like, “You can’t go to the gym, that client needs something from you! Don’t you want the business?”  As I type it I realize that the whole thing is a bit nuts – would 2 hours (which includes travel time and a bit of padding) really be the 2 hours that gets or doesn’t get the deal? Not usually!  Especially if it is 6 am my time – who can really expect me to be up, checking my email and working at 6 am.

But those voices of resistance in your head don’t make any sense… they just try to keep you where you are.  I have discovered that daily habits can help you outsmart resistance!

I now don’t look at my phone until I return home from my workout.  Even if I still go to the gym, I don’t want to be distracted or tempted to work out a little less so I can get back and deal with the pressing email that came in at 4 am my time.  My health comes first.  And you know what?  My business is all the better for it.

What daily habits could you change or tweak to decrease your stress, set better boundaries between work and “life”, etc?  Think about it…

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S.  Want to learn and read more about resistance?  I highly recommend The War of Art by Steven Pressfield [affiliate link].  Quick, easy read and powerful information!