Today my butt is in my comfy studio chair… a month from today my butt will be in an airplane seat headed to New York – BUCKLE UP – only a month to go!

This month-mark always makes it very, very real for me.  The clock is ticking, the tasks can’t be put off too much longer.  I have all but one banner printed… I was thinking I’d get another collection done for the last banner but now I’m not sure… better figure out how to get my client work done and that collection done… but I’m also going to come up with a back up banner plan, just in case.  It isn’t worth stressing myself out over a theme I would like to get done… honestly, I have many other things that could go on that banner.

I also need to finish making my press kits, adjust my table skirt, check my box of supplies and make sure it is full of everything I just might need…

The name of the game at this point, in my opinion, is to keep on top of your mental game.

SURTEX show floor 2012
Attitude is more than half the battle my friends.  This is my 10th show season and I’ve been through some crazy ones.  I remember the show in 2009 – right after the stock market crashed – one poor artist about fainted she was so worked up.  “The economy is in the toilet!  NO ONE is going to show up!  WHY did I spend all this money???”  She didn’t have the best attitude to have a fun and successful show!  (Not sure how she did but I really hope she found a way to shift her focus and calm down.  I felt really bad for her!)

If you are exhibiting, stay calm.  Stay focused.  Plan on having a great experience. I always tell myself “I will have the art I am meant to have at the show and I will meet the people I am meant to meet!”  Calms me down when I feel my gitters coming on…

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Here’s to your creative success!  I need to get back to work because… only 1 month to go!

– Tara Reed