Are you familiar with TUT? (  Messages from the Universe you can receive for free to your inbox. I wanted to share this recent message as it is a great reminder that not only do you need the MINDSET but you need to PREPARE – or take action – to be ready to receive.

Imagining joy and happiness when you visualize, Tara, but not physically preparing for their inevitable arrival, would be as silly as imagining a fake thriving and successful business, Tara.

Go for real. Costs me the same.

Tally-go, go, go,

The Universe

No art business that I know of was built by someone sitting in a yoga pose visualizing. I know of many that include the yoga pose and a LOT of art creation, marketing and persistence.

OHM… and ACTION baby!

Here are 5 actions you can take to build your art licensing business:

  1. Do you get my eNewsletter?  It goes out twice a month with links to articles about art licensing and other things of interest to an artist building a business that I stumble upon.  Some inspiration, some how to… if you aren’t on the list, click here and get signed up! (you get a few extras for signing up as well!)
  2. Ever wanted to visit Lake Tahoe?  Want to be able to write off all or part of the trip? (Discuss THAT with your accountant)  Consider joining agent Kimberly Montgomery and I for the License 2 Grow all day, live event on Sunday, October 19, 2014 in Incline Village, NV.  Learn more at
  3. How is your accountability?  Are you getting things done or do you have the best intentions but not quite hitting the mark?  Sometimes working with an accountability partner is what you need to keep making progress.  Find a friend in an online group or someone you already know and see if they want to team up.  Meet or talk once a week or every other week.  Decide what action you will take by the next meeting and then discuss.  Having deadlines and someone who knows your intention can be a very inspiring way to get things done!
  4. Want to make October your break-through month of learning?  Join me in the Art Licensing Academy!  We meet twice a week by phone (you can live anywhere!) and all the calls are recorded so if you can’t listen live you won’t miss a thing.  Register by 9/20/14 for extra goodies.  Learn more, read what past students have to say and save your spot at
  5. Join us for the free Art Licensing Info Ask Call on 9/17/14.  On Wednesday, 9/17/14 I will be hosting a new guest on our call – Michelle McCullough.  She is a fun and dynamic dynamo who will be talking about time management and social media.  Learn more at

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed