Skateboard lady with briefcaseIt’s been a while since I went to a live event… tomorrow I’m heading to Elevation 2013 with Tiffany Peterson for a much needed break from the day to day of my studio and life.

There is really nothing like getting out of your environment and immersing yourself with new people, new ideas and some serious inspiration for a few days.  I’ve been thinking that I needed to find something – a retreat, event… something… and then one day Jennifer Miller Pugh messaged me on Facebook and said “You should go to this event!”  I looked at it, agreed, and off we go!  (I hope she doesn’t forget my peanut butter… if you see her, remind her, k?)

When is the last time YOU did something out of the box to relax, give yourself new perspectives, new inspiration, new ideas…

if it has been a while, I encourage you to DO IT!  It doesn’t have to be a planned event like I’m heading to – maybe it’s a weekend away – or even just an afternoon completely unplugged.

Chat with you next week!

– Tara Reed