Well I’m back to reality after a week in Maui with my son.  It was GLORIOUS!  Everyone should take their teenager on a vacation to realize they can hold a conversation, be fun to be around and not just grunt at you and ask for cash while whizzing out the door to meet friends. 🙂

I’ll be doing a few posts about my trip but here is what I’m inspired to tell you today… licensing is everywhere.

We walked in and out of the shops in Lahaina.  No surprise but awfully exciting was finding a nice selection of Paul Brent bags in one store.  (I also saw someone at the Portland airport using one, but since we were in the ladie’s room I thought it might freak her out if I took a photo!)

There was also a David & Goliath store – love that tongue and cheek stuff!  All licensed.  I’m sure there was more but I’m still suffering from jet lag.

Here’s the most unusual Maui find… attorney Cheryl Hodgson in a restaurant in the airport!  I knew she was going to be on the island but had opted to not work and just hang out with Kyle.  We’re eating over-priced food lamenting our imminent return to reality and there she goes – just walks right by the table!  How serendipity is that?  She was getting ready to island hop – lucky lady has a few more days of “Aloha” hospitality.

Anyway – as you learn the art and the players in licensing you too, will start spotting things and recognizing the art on products no matter where you go! Hopefully it will be to Maui one day!  It was awesome – I highly recommend it!


Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara