Next week, Wednesday, September 19, 2012, attorney Kyle-Beth Hilfer will be making her encore on the Art Licensing Info Ask Call Circuit.  There will be no politics – just news you can use to build and run a successful and protected art licensing business.

The call will start with a 10 – 15 minute perspective, followed by answers to questions submitted by artists.  I’m wondering if there has been a discussion on LinkedIn or a blog somewhere about copyright protection if you register your art in groups – there were many questions to this point and we will be sure to cover it on the call.

Special Topic of the night: The Licensee perspective and concerns when it comes to licensing art and art licensing contracts.

Since contracts are a negotiation, it is a very, very good idea to have an idea of where the other person is coming from… what they want to achieve with the licensing arrangement and what advantage they hope to gain through licensing your art.  Understanding what both you as the artist and they as the manufacturer (Licensee) want will help you to better negotiate a win-win deal.  I’m excited to hear what Kyle-Beth has to say on the topic!

If you have dialed in to any of these calls in the past, you should receive an email on Tuesday (9/18) with a reminder of the dial-in details.  If you have never joined us – WELCOME!  Head over to and register to get the call details.

We hope you can join us next week.  The call is free if you listen live and will be for sale if you are unable to attend, want to listen at your leisure or want to listen again.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed