I was trying to get a design to look like it was on the inside of a bowl the other day… no small feat and my usual Transform > Warp method wasn’t cutting it.  It couldn’t make the center dip or the edges move the way I wanted them to.

So I headed to trusty old Google and entered – warp tool in photoshop cs6 – figuring I might find something.

Well – there is a cool new tool called the Puppet Tool – my heart be still!

Instead of just being able to move things from basic, present points, the Puppet Tool puts a grid over your image and you can choose any point to select and move.  Totally rocks!  You can see my first, quick attempt at using it below. With practice I think this might become one of my favs!

Here is the video that taught me how to begin playing with the Puppet Tool – introduced in CS6:


I’m quite happy with my new Cloud subscription to the Creative Suite and any new add-ons.  I joined in August (2012) and they have already sent an email announcing cool new features… that I still need to read about.

My favorite part of the subscription is that it is much easier on the budget – you pay monthly instead of that big investment all at once.  And since they seem to update so often and don’t allow you the upgrade price unless you keep up – it makes sense in that way as well.

Learn more about the Creative Cloud option here:

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Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed