I just received a press release from a brand new art licensing agency looking for 10 – 12 artists to represent.  I don’t know either of the people involved but thought I’d pass on the information – if you are looking for an agent, you can decide if they might be a fit!

PRESS RELEASE: Experienced artist, longtime business pro launch licensing agency for artists

A successful artist and an expert in contract negotiations and business innovation  – with a combined 60 years of professional experience – have partnered to launch Huffman Licensing, a fine art licensing, marketing and consulting firm.

The new firm will represent a select group of artists, each with a unique style and perspective, and will assist the artists in promoting their work to manufacturers in the gift and paper products industry, according to Huffman Licensing President Jim Huffman.

Huffman, an expert in contract negotiations, business start-ups and venture capital, joined with Kimberly Montgomery, a fine artist with a successful career as a licensed artist, to start the new business.

Huffman Licensing will serve as a professional intermediary between the artists and the manufacturers to handle contracts, distribution and fees, Montgomery explained. The agency will seek to get artists’ original work placed on a range of items, from cards, coffee mugs and decorative flags to gift items, notebooks and journals – essentially any item that can feature an illustration.

“We plan to start out representing 10 to 12 talented artists with whom we will work diligently to advance their art and make sure their work is commercially successful,” Huffman said.

The duo’s combined expertise are a perfect match for artists looking to make in-roads into the profitable licensed art field.

Huffman has a 35-year track record in corporate and independent bank operations, lending and sales. Along the way he found a niche in local bank start-ups and assisting banks in adjusting their focus from operations to sales mode.

“It just comes natural for me,” Huffman said of his expertise in contracts and negotiations. “I can see a challenge, hear the parameters and turn that into a win-win situation.”

Montgomery’s background as an artist and art instructor make her a strong evaluator of artists’ portfolios, and a valuable advisor on how to develop a portfolio that is sellable. “I know art and I have a deep respect for the talent and time that goes into each piece. That’s what I bring to the table,” she noted. As an experienced licensed artist, she also touts strong relationships with a variety of reputable manufacturers.

“Having Kimberly as an artist and my background in negotiations and corporate contracts make this partnership a perfect pairing,” Huffman summed up.

Huffman Licensing is currently reaching out to prospective artists in need of representation. The company seeks to represent artists from a number of styles and genres, as well as graphic artists who perhaps work more with words than imagery to create their art.

“There are so many exceptionally talented artists out there who have incredible work, but don’t know what do to do with  it. We want to help them make their work successful,” Montgomery said.

If you want to contact Huffman Licensing and see if they might be a fit for your work, here is their contact information:

Huffman Licensing

Kimberly Montgomery, Vice President

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

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