Ask Cathy Heck about Art LicensingOur next call is going to sneak up on us!  (Or at least me!)  On Wednesday, March 11, 2015 I will have a new artist on the line – the super sweet and oh-so-talented Cathy Heck.  I’m pretty sure my first introduction to Cathy was through some board books my now 21 year old read when he was a baby – back then I never would have dreamt that I’d be doing what I’m doing AND that I’d be getting ready to interview the illustrator!  Pretty cool!

Cathy is going to share how her business grew to include her now-grown daughters as well as her husband. I can’t wait to learn more about how they separate business and family time and make it all work.  In addition – she will answer questions submitted by artists.  We have only received a few so far so PLEASE… what questions do you have about art licensing??

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More about Cathy Heck:

Cathy is an idea person who never runs out of new concepts. She is also an artist with a gift for producing attractive, imaginative artwork on demand. Cathy began her career as an art director for Young & Rubicam, NY, so she understands an art director’s needs. Equally comfortable with paints, pens and software, Cathy enjoys a collaborative approach to a project and the energy of a busy studio.

It’s a family business! Cathy and Jim started their family thirty years ago. Little did they know that they were creating their own work force. Each artist has her own style, which helps keep everything we produce fresh and new. But, at the same time, we love to collaborate, sometimes completing the work of another.

For over twenty five years, Cathy Heck Studio has been creating original and inventive artwork licensed for products from baby books to stickers, dinnerware to wall coverings. From three studios across the country, we deliver every aspect of a project from the first concepts to final press-ready electronic art, collaborating with our clients to create designs that customers love and buyers love to sell.

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