As you know, I’m a BIG FAN of Twitter.  But when Twitter first started connecting with Facebook, it put all your tweets and updates on Facebook and frankly, that is just too much info for the Facebook crowd!

So when LinkedIn said you could now add your Twitter account, my initial reaction was “I tweet too much to do that” and ignored the whole thing.  But I got this email the other day and now I get it!

We’re delighted to announce that LinkedIn now works with Twitter. Try these new features on for size:

Make your Twitter account visible on your profile
Use #in or #li to share posts from Twitter to your LinkedIn status
Add the Tweets app to share your Twitter activity on your profile
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One more thing: Be sure to follow @linkedin to hear about new features, advanced tips, and more.

Best Regards,
The LinkedIn Team

Oh! So ALL my Twitter tweets won’t show up on LinkedIn, just the ones I add #in to… got it.  This is good!  This will save me time!

And I’m guessing Facebook now has the same deal… that’s probably why I sometimes see #fb on people’s tweets… I need to go investigate that because when you can save time and multi-task some of your social media efforts, you have more time to paint, create and prosper!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara