How to Be a Press Friendly Artist

The other day I woke up to an email that really made my day… it was from artist Heidi Gray who had purchased and was implementing the tips and tools in my eBook, How to Be a Press Friendly Artist.   Here is what she has to say about it:

Not only is this packed with content, it is also packed with confidence! The formula you provide in your e-book gave me the “permission” to shout my accomplishments and let everyone know what I am up to. For a right brain creative, this distills down the objectives and logistics for a well balanced, organized business tool for success. Thank you Tara!

– Heidi Gray, artist

While communicating with the press should become an ongoing piece of your marketing puzzle, this time of year is full of opportunities, especially if you are exhibiting at SURTEX or the Licensing Expo.  Press releases, press kits and more are covered in the eBook.

For only $27, it’s a great resource for any artist tool boox – not just those in art licensing but any artist in the business of making money with their creativity.  Head to to get all the details.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed