I’m settling into my penthouse suite on Cloud 9…

How cool is it to get to interview these amazing people each month?  Pinch me! It’s just surreal!  Last night was the much anticipated Ask Mary Engelbreit call and I have to say it was a smashing success!

We tried something new by ‘getting social’ and that was amazing to watch! Normally artists are in the comfort of their own home and listening… this time I proposed that those who wanted to, listen and CONNECT via Twitter or Facebook.  I think it put a whole new level of community to the event and hope we recreate it each month during our ask calls.  PLUS… it gave me instant access to noteworthy things covered on the call because I could copy and paste the things you felt worthy of tweeting or commenting.

Here are some comments I found on the Facebook Fan Page (www.Facebook.com/ArtLicensingInfo)

  • So excited, we are on the phone waiting for Mary!
  • This is so much fun. from Minnesota
  • So excited here in Seattle listening to Mary’s info.
  • Greeting Card Manufacturers are still always looking for something new!
  • Am I the only person who can’t type and listen at the same time?
  • To balance market trends vs staying true to yourself Mary says: if u feel like you’re selling out – don’t do it – but if you’re just starting out, you might need to bend a little just to get in the door with a company
  • Artists – you have to be willing to change – advice from Mary Engelbreit
  • Never devalue your art… never sell yourself short. Mary is offering great advice.
  • Loved the call. She’s so real, so fun.

And here is an example of some of the tweets on Twitter (using the #ask hash tag so artists could find each other)

  • when i grow up can i be just like Mary? #ask <me too me too!
  • Mary Engelbreit doing a project with Disney – out this fall ::has 5,000 pieces of art in database #ask via @artisttarareed
  • “Adaptability is the key to survival” #ask
  • #ask Mary Engelbreit says the internet has completely changed licensing. It makes it easier for artists 2 participate & create buzz!
  • any kind of change is scary, but you have to be willing to change all the time Mary Engelbreit #ask
  • #ask Mary Engelbreit says blogging has driven her business. She & Tara Reed think alike! (One of my personal favorites – I like to think I think like Mary! & Paul… &…)
  • Artists – it’s important to have a website and a blog to showcase your art – the internet opens doors – advice from Mary Engelbreit #ask
  • ME seems so wonderfully unassuming and down to earth-just resonates with me. #ask
  • Mary’s job: make a good drawing, think about how they feel when they read the quote
  • Art success takes dedication… a lot of artists work in the night hours – draw when the world is a little more quiet #ask
  • Mary Engelbreit reminds us that it’s the art that brings us all together. #ask
  • #ask Mary Engelbreit: “Deadlines inspire me.” I need to think more like this woman!
  • #ask Really enjoyed hearing how Mary does things–I learned a lot!
  • Really love seeing so many other creatives with similar goals/interests. I’m not the only one! 😀 #ask

Two things Mary said that really struck a chord with me were:

“I’m just grateful to be able to make a living doing this.” – Mary Engelbreit

“I just want to do a good job for the people who respond to the drawings.” – Mary Engelbreit

She reminded us how lucky we are to do what we do and have a passion for our work.  We decided that being happy and grateful is a pretty good way to live!

If you missed the call and want a copy of the free mp3 audio replay – go to www.MaryEngelbreit.com/askme/ and click the link to register to receive your copy!

Thank you again Mary for sharing your wisdom and spreading hope and inspiration to artists everywhere!

– Tara Reed

P.S. At the end of the audio Mary talks about her upcoming Mary Engelbreit Home Companion Workshop in St Louis, April 29 – May 2nd – you even get to tour her studio! CLICK HERE for all the details!