I have found a great solution! Thanks once again to the recommendation of Matthew Bookspan (http://www.twitter.com/mbookspan) I discovered 1Password.

Does this sound at all familiar?

  • “I know I should use passwords with no meaning to me but then I can’t remember them.”
  • “I know I shouldn’t use the same password on more than one website but it is too hard to keep track of so I have a few I use regularly.”
  • “I have a spreadsheet on my computer listing all the websites, user names and passwords.  I can’t remember how to login to things without it.”

If it does you are not alone.  I had about 5 passwords I used for about 50 websites — and I still had to look up the user name / password combinations!  So one day as I sat trying to find and guess my password while upgrading my Daylite contact management software, Matthew kindly said, “Tara, I think I have a program you should look into.”

That software is 1Password and it is AWESOME! Here is what the makers of it have to say…


Too Many Passwords to Remember?

1Password takes care of all your online passwords so you can use strong and unique passwords for every site and never forget any of them! Here are just a few of the unique features of 1Password:

  • Enters online usernames and passwords so that you don’t have to remember them. 
  • Strong Password Generator automatically creates and fills passwords.
  • Built-in Anti-Phishing and Keylogger Protection provides security and peace of mind.
  • Take your information anywhere on your iPhone/iPod touch or Palm.
  • Goes far beyond Safari’s AutoFill.

In short, 1Password keeps track of all your web passwords, automates sign-in, guards from identity theft, and allows you to stop worrying about your safety while online. 1Password is a priceless utility for only $39.95 with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


CLICK HERE to visit the website, watch the video about how it works and get started. (I have no vested interest in you doing this – just sharing helpful resources that I love.)

There is also a free app you can download to have your passwords on your iPhone.  That helps with the one downside I found to the system — if you use someone else’s computer, best of luck logging in anywhere!  With the iPhone app I can find my crazy, safe and encrypted passwords if I am ever away from my computer or laptop.

With 1Password, you only have to remember 1 master password so your passwords and information is protected if someone else is on your computer – I think we are all capable of that!

SO… if you are a Mac user, I’d check it out.  The security alone is worth the $39.95 and the speed of the program auto-filling in info is an added bonus.

~ Tara

P.S. Thanks again for another great resource Matthew!

P.P. S.  If you are a PC user and have something to recommend, let me know and I’ll post that as well.  I’m a MAC girl so those are the solutions I find.