Yesterday on Twitter I saw a post that read:  Why logo design does not cost $5.00.  Well I knew that some people were making logos for crazy-low prices and thought I’d take a look.  What a GREAT post by Jacob Cass on his blog “Just Creative Design”.  I want you to read it, the whole thing, and then come back here, okay?

Here’s the link.  Why logo design does not cost $5.00 I’ll wait.

Okay, did you read that?  I love his “cheap logo design” vs. “professional logo design”.  Now I don’t know if any of you do logo design or have an interest in it but this post made me think of licensing.  We need to value what we bring to the table as artists who license.  Times are little tough out there but it doesn’t mean we need to believe that no one values art or what we do… if the artists walk around saying it, who is going to say anything different?

Now go read this post on Craigslist: Capitalist Endeavor seeking Poor Artist to be Taken Advantage of I hope that’s a joke ’cause it sure made me laugh!  But how many times have you seen people asking for lots of art choices and if they pick you you get a whole $50 and “great publicity”.  Publicity doesn’t pay the bills!

I want to give you a few quick reminders and leave you with an empowering song:

  • you are unique, creative and bring something that NO ONE ELSE can bring to the table: your own artistic interpretation of the world.  Don’t undervalue yourself!
  • No matter what the economy, people still need and want new art & design.  Do you think stores are going to carry the same thing for 5 years and that people will buy it?  No.  Keep creating!
  • Not everyone is creative.  Sometimes I forget that my brain works differently than many people’s and I take for granted the ideas that stream in.  It’s like breathing to me and completely baffling to others.  If I forget that, I am at risk of under-valuing what I do and then causing others to do the same.  Check yourself – your “breathing” could be your key to a successful, creative life!

Now for the song… Aretha Franklin is singing about demanding respect from the man she loves but for our purposes, think about you as the artist, demanding respect from the world and businesses for what you bring to the table.

You are a creative rock star — now don’t you forget it!

[youtube q1M2fk72mfw nolink]

~ Tara