paultaraphotoLast night I had the honor, privilege and really fun time of interviewing artist Paul Brent, asking him questions about art licensing that were submitted by artists who wanted to know.  (Great questions everyone!)  We talked for a full hour and I spent another 2 or so editing the audio, removing some “ums” and “uhs” by both parties to make it sound even better.

What I thought would be a one-time honor, has developed into more exciting news, not only for me, but for any artist who wants to learn more about licensing from one of the industries biggest success stories.

Paul Brent began licensing his work in 1988, beginning with bookmarks, bed linens and insulated barware. In 2002 he was nominated by LIMA, a licensing industry organization, for Best License and Overall Best License for the year 2001.

A true powerhouse in Licensing, Paul Brent is listed at #95 in License! Global Magazines top #100 Licensing Companies in 2008 — most of the list being comprised of large corporations, movie and tv studios and the like. Paul also has a gallery, sells limited edition and original paintings and more.

You can read more about his background on his website, or on the page that talks about his new coaching and consulting offerings through

Before the interview, I put on my “Oprah” hat.  If you’ve ever watched her show you know she seems to find the time to read the books, watch the movies or try the products of people she has on as guests.  Combine this with the absolute thrill I get when I see art by someone I have met on tv or in the movies, I just had to rent and watch the 1988 hit, “The Truman Show”.  If you watch it, all of the painted art is by none other than Paul Brent.  (I’ve now added that to my list of things I’d like to do – have my art in a movie.)  Here is a photo of one of the most prominently displayed pieces.

paulbrent-trumanshowpicThe audio from this call will remain online and available to listen or download for free at  Future recordings will be for sale.  Paul’s next call will be on Wednesday, June 24, 2009.  We will begin accepting questions closer to that time.

Paul Brent also announced on the call that he will be creating a few eBooks of his own that will be added to the available library of information at  I will certainly keep you posted.  Topics he has discussed include “Where do I go from Here?  how to keep  art licensing fresh and productive” and “The Designer Life Cycle”.  I’m holding onto my seat waiting for them – I’ve seen the outlines, they will be great!

Finally, Paul has decided he would like to offer his services to artists who would like one-on-one coaching, mentoring or feedback on their work, building their business, or whatever art licensing related questions you have. Click here for details.

All of this has resulted in a new look and new direction for  I originally designed the site to offer my background and perspective, it is now widening into a resource for more than one perspective.  Who knows what it will evolve into but our hope is that it be the “go to” place for artists interested in the industry of licensing.  I hope you stay along for the ride!

paulbrent-zanyartI will end by including the last question Paul answered last night.  Jacqueline asked:  What is the most zany art you ever had licensed?  Paul said he really had to think about that one and consult with his wife and staff… here is what he came up with.  Peppermint Flamingos that were licensed to Kurt Adler and Cape Shore.  I also love the flip flops — they look like little crabs on the sand.

Thank you for sharing the image and thank you again for sharing your knowledge and expertise.  I look forward to working with you further.

~ Tara

P.S.  The audio is now available at so DROP EVERYTHING and go listen or download it! 🙂