Debra Jordan Bryan - Gift Wrap

I just love what I do!  I love the process, the flexibility and getting to know the amazing artists in art licensing as well.

On Sunday we had an early Christmas celebration while my sister and niece were visiting from Pennsylvania.

As my mom started handing out some gifts I looked at the wrapping paper and said, “Hey, I think Debra Jordan Bryan did that!”

Upon further investigation I confirmed it – her signature was right there by the cute Santa – how cool is that!  I’ve gotten to know Debra and her art a bit through years of us meeting in the aisles of SURTEX.   Debra is a talented and experienced artist who has built a great art licensing business.  You can learn more about her on her website at and watch her video about how she got started in art licensing below.

[youtube -Qw-n5eQrb0]

 It is so much fun to find things with art by people I know in unexpected places!  And this example is another reason to include having your signature and/or copyright on products featuring your art – I wouldn’t have been 100% sure it was hers without it!

Happy Holidays!

– Tara Reed

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