Last Friday my sister and I went to the Kathy Davis Studio open house and holiday event.  We were fortunate enough to come on a day when she was doing a studio tour and Kathy invited us to tag along.  Talk about inspirational!

Kathy Davis Studios - Nov 2013

Tara Reed, Kathy Davis & Christine Cavanaugh

They have “history boards” in the main studio lobby that show the evolution of her business which was really interesting. (We also all enjoyed watching the hair style changes – you know you have those too!)  How she began in a corner of her bedroom and now has a bustling studio with 26 employees is amazing.  If she can do it, why can’t I? Or you?

I find learning about how other artists have built or are building their businesses to be fascinating.  It makes you get off your ‘hamster wheel’ and look at what you want and the many options for how to get there.

One of my focuses in the coming months is to STOP doing everything myself.  I love to learn and understand all the techie online stuff as well as creating art and doing my marketing.  But I know that I’m creating my own glass ceiling – and I worry that it’s pretty thick – if I don’t change my ways.  By continuing to do everything myself, I am limiting the amount of creative time I have and without a constant stream of new art, my business won’t be able to grow as quickly.

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for artists like Kathy who are willing to share their stories and many of the lessons they have learned along the way.

While my story will be different than hers, or Paul Brent’s, or Debbie Mumm’s or any other artist who has created a great art licensing business, I ca learn from them and use that knowledge to figure out how I want to grow my business.

You can find lots of great videos about the Kathy Davis brand and journey on her YouTube channel.  Learn more about her on her website at  Follow her on Twitter and like her page on Facebook…  she’s other places as well and you can find more links on her website.

If you haven’t listened to her Ask Call she did with me in September, sign up to get your free copy here…

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Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed