I’m excited to announce (or remind you) that Attorney Cheryl Hodgson will be joining me for this month’s “Art Licensing Monthly Ask Call”.  She did her first call in July and over 700 people have downloaded the free mp3 full of valuable information. If you didn’t get your copy – you will receive a download link when you register for the January call.

These calls are made great by artists like you who submit their questions… so what do you want to know?  Are you confused about copyrights, trademarks or art licensing contracts? What to do to protect your work?  Think about it, then head to www.AskCherylHodgson.com and give us your thoughts!  We will choose 10-15 to answer in the hour – based on overall results and applicability to the most people.  (And if we didn’t already answer it on the first call of course!)

Cheryl was kind enough to send me a really cool and artsy Christmas gift – so watch my video thank you and learn a little bit more about her.  Hope you can join us on January 20th!

[youtube v/qJ1h1jBY5IU nolink]

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara

P.S. Be sure to check out Cheryl’s blog for lots of interesting branding, copyright, trademark and other legal issues… www.BrandAideBlog.com