I’m sure if you really stopped to think about it, you already know this.  But sometimes we get so caught up in OUR business and OUR industry that we forget to stop and see what is and isn’t going on elsewhere…

The other night I was watching Nashville (ABC – season 3 / epsisode 2) and was struck by how much the dialogue mimicked discussions on social media among artists about art licensing…

Nashville on ABC

Rayna is unhappy that it takes more than great music to make it these days… she longs for the time when you didn’t have to be on social media, share  your personal life and have a reality show to have a #1 hit for more than a day. She is told that “it’s a brand new world and if you want to stay in the game, you have to play the game” (something like that – that isn’t verbatim)

The show really highlights how a singers brand needs to match their reality if they want to stay scandal free… the gay singer who was built up as a ladies man and recently married is in for a bumpy ride… sort of reminds me of the Tiger Woods scandal and how Thomas Kinkade’s brand and personal life became mis-aligned…

Anyway – it’s not just us facing these changing times and having to decide if we choose to play the game or get out of the business.

Many of the rules have changed in art licensing over the years and especially since 2008 – but we always have a choice:  stay and play or find a new way to make a living with our creativity.

You can watch the episode online here > http://abc.go.com/shows/nashville/episode-guide/season-03/302-how-far-down-can-i-go

Here’s to your creative – and social media – success!

– Tara Reed