I think it is! There seems to be a quiet murmur in the news, in conversations and in business that is saying, “Things are starting to turn around…”  YEAH!  In case you haven’t heard, I wanted to make sure you were in on it and helping to fulfill this prophecy instead of the one that says, “THE SKY IS FALLING!”

Last week I read an article on CNN.com saying experts expect the economy to get better in 2010. (Can’t find the link, sorry. )

I was also talking to a client who was at the Housewares Show in Chicago this month who said, “You wouldn’t know there was any trouble in the economy to listen to people at the show.”  He said retailers are expecting things to improve the second half of this year and are starting to buy at normal levels for Spring 2010. That is GREAT news for anyone in licensing! (or retail, or manufacturing…)

There are murmurs of housing stabilizing in many parts of the country…

So I think “optimism” just might be making a comeback.  That makes me SMILE so I wanted to pass the good news along!

Hold on to your vision and your dreams and work each day to make them come true!

~ Tara