Peter Rabbit of course!  Well… I suppose I’m more inspired by the story of Peter’s artist, Beatrix Potter.  Talk about a woman who believed in her dream, bucked convention and held tight to her vision… overcoming many obstacles before becoming one of the most affluent women in Great Britain.

I just saw that the copyright owners of “Peter Rabbit” have hired new agents… do you get the email news flashes?  It’s a quick way to keep up with things going on in the industry.  To read the article, CLICK HERE.  To subscribe to their email, CLICK HERE. (there is a box to sign up in the upper right…)

picture-17If you are in need of an inspiring “artist who makes it” story – I recommend you watch the movie, “Miss Potter” based on the life of Beatrix Potter. I really enjoyed it and plan on loading the DVD player with it again tonight!  Of course like most movies, it isn’t 100% accurate so assume you are getting the ‘brush strokes’ and not the facts as they would be presented in a court of law.

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– Tara