One of the things Jeff Grinspan said on last week’s Ask Call was that it is important to “stay relevant”…

As I pondered this idea I believe that staying relevant is not only about your art but also you as an artist.

What do YOU add to the equation?  How can you add value to the manufacturer other than by providing great art for their products?

If we have only learned one thing since the stock market crashed in 2008 it’s this:  The old way of doing business is gone.  And the “new way” is in a constant change of flux – there is no rule book, we are all trying to figure it out.  Figure out, that is, how to remain relevant.

I want to share something from Kim Beasley.  You might recognize the name – she did the Ask About WordPress for Artists call.   She is also my webmaster, a good friend and a Google+ rockstar!  (In fact, she’s such a Google+ hangout rockstar that I can barely get a hold of her some days she is so busy “hanging out”…)

She was recently featured in a video about how a television news station is now incorporating social media and Google+ hangouts into their newscast.  They don’t believe they can sit and report the news AT people anymore – they believe people want to be more involved and feel they have a voice.  Watch the video and see how they are changing the way the create the news so they stay relevant.  (Talk about a tough industry – with the news available 24/7 online, they NEED to think out of the box to keep viewers tuning in at specific times.)

[youtube FeLqI2OzFJE]

This has my wheels turning… I haven’t arrived at a conclusion or created a game plan but I’m always looking at what other businesses do to get ideas for how I can continue to stay relevant to my clients.

That is my food for thought for the day – here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S.  You can get a free copy of the call with Kim that talks about WordPress for artists here:  There is also contact information if you need her help creating or maintaining your website.

P.P.S.  The replay of the Ask Call with Jeff Grinspan is now available for a small fee – click here to learn more.