Art Licensing QuestionsThe number of emails I am getting from artists has reached a breaking point.  I’m pretty sure I’ve said that I can’t answer individual questions sent by email but I must admit I haven’t followed through very well with this policy.  It has reached the point however, that I have to.  All we have is time and I’m stretched too thin.  There is sooooo much free information here and in the Ask Calls – and honestly, most of the people that email me could find the answers if they looked.

SO… going forward, I’m going to be following this question answering policy so we can all benefit and keep our sanity. (Well… maybe it’s just my sanity that is in question from this but you will all benefit if I keep it together! 😉 )

Drum roll please…. here is the new Art Licensing Info:


Individual Question Policy

I regret that due to the sheer volume of email I receive,  I can’t directly answer questions concerning individual situations from artists who are not coaching clients. I am happy, however, to consider your question for a topic for a future blog post or for the next Art Licensing Info Ask Call. By answering your question in public discourse, my hope is that it will also benefit many other artists.

I will add your question to the possible questions to be answered on the next Art Licensing Info Ask Call – find out the date, time and expert at

Need information sooner? Many answers might already be available to you on the Art Licensing Blog. The FAQ tab is a great place to start or use the search box to look for a topic. I’ve been blogging since 2008 so there is a lot of information to be found there!

Also look at the multitude of questions that have been answered since December 2004 on the Art Licensing Info Ask Call Series. Some replays are available for a fee – see all the guests and what we discussed at

I’ll consider all legitimate questions, but I can’t promise anything. (Hey! It’s free!)

Thank you for your understanding and here’s to your creative success!
– Tara Reed