I’m a Penn State grad.  If you graduated from anywhere and don’t have your phone number in the witness protection program, you probably get calls from your alma mater as well.

My call asking for $ came yesterday and I spoke with a very nice girl whose name now escapes me.  They have a great system, chit-chat with me, tell me what’s been going on on campus (apparently they moved the Creamery but she assured me the ice cream is just as good).. yada, yada, yada.

Then she said something that made my ears perk up.

I was a business major (marketing) so she was telling me how the business school has a new building, you don’t feel like a rat in a maze anymore, etc.  AND here it comes….

They have an almost real-time stock exchange.  Huh?  We had no stock exchange, let alone ‘almost real-time’.  What is this girl babbling about?

She proceeds to tell me it’s pretty cool, the ticker screen thingy is only about a second behind Wall Street and if anything were to ever happen to the actual Stock Exchange, everything can be moved and work at Penn State.  In the non-rat-maze business building.  Cool!

My alma mater is a back-up system for Wall Street — awesome!

Of course this got me thinking about backup plans.  Do YOU have one?

There are so many kinds to consider–

  1. a plan for emergencies (fire, flood, earthquake, snowed in, loss of power, etc),
  2. a plan for vacations (What if you are at the beach and it rains all week? What’s the plan then?)
  3. a plan for life (what if you get sick, divorced, in an accident?)

You get the idea — the list could go on and on.

But I want to know what your backup plan is for your art and for your business.  We rely so heavily on computers — what if yours crashes?  Do you put your art on external drives, CDs or DVDs?

Do you save things in duplicate locations, just in case?  If, heaven forbid, there were a fire in your studio, it wouldn’t matter if you had things saved on 10 different things if they are all in the same room, they are all gone!

Don’t panic, do plan.

My system includes:  backing up every collection on CDs as well as external hard drives.  (These are in my studio)  Once a month I get the external hard drive from my friend’s house and back up what I’ve been working on and leave it there –then it’s in a separate location.  I don’t think this is ideal but I haven’t taken a lot of time to research online storage & backup choices — if anyone has, please share!

~ Tara

P.S. I use backup hard drives from LaCie — why?  Because my “computer guy” told me to.  I’m sure he told me why he’s partial to this brand but I don’t remember.  Click here to see what they have.  LaCie

P.P.S.  The cool word jumble at the top of this post was created online.  Click here to go try it, it’s fun and it’s free!