Communication I was talking with an artist who made that statement yesterday – it’s been rolling around in my head so I thought I’d share my thoughts about it with the group.

When I was first going online, I was VERY RESISTANT to doing a blog.

What I had seen as examples were extremely personal thoughts and experiences online for all to see.  It didn’t feel comfortable to me.  I thought that if I had a blog, it was a requirement to share every thought and deep dark secret with the world.  So I didn’t want to blog because I didn’t necessarily want to share at the level I was seeing others do it.  (I’m not saying that what anyone else does on their blog is wrong – just not necessarily what I would choose)

The artist I talked with yesterday thought you had to be “a writer” to do a blog so she didn’t want to because she didn’t enjoy writing and/or didn’t think she was that great at it.

It led me to wonder what other impressions or beliefs people have about blogging that may be holding them back…

What I eventually decided for myself and shared with the artist was this: You make the rules for your blog.  You decide what you do and don’t want to share about yourself, your family and your life – while still staying authentic to who you are of course.  Blogs also don’t require journalism skills – it’s basically having a conversation in print.

I used Maria Brophy and I as examples of different blogging styles.  My blogs are usually MUCH shorter than hers and like this one, pretty “chatty”.  I write what I’m thinking like I am writing to a friend.  There is still information that you can use and things to think about, but in smaller chunks. 🙂  Maria writes amazing posts!  They feel more like journalism to me than any of my posts do.  She has done her research, probably created an outline and  more. (Maria’s blog is at

So again – you make the rules when you create a blog.

You decide how often you post.

You decide what you do and don’t want to share.

You decide how and how much you want to write.

The purpose of a blog is to help people get to know you and to help search engines find you so real, live people can too!

Search engines like websites that regularly add new information.  If you have a great site and let it be, you won’t get the same ranking as if you have an OK site but regularly update it with new information.  You can learn more about SEO (search engine optimization – aka “how to be found in a google/bing or yahoo search”) in Daniel Tardent’s eBook – SEO for Artists.  We did an Ask Call together that is free to download and listen to as well – go to to sign up for your free copy if you haven’t listened to it before.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed