What a crazy few days I’ve had!  When I went to my studio around 8 am on Wednesday to prepare for the SURTEX webinar I was conducting at 9, I arrived to discover that my computer was toast!

It gave me some weird error about not having enough memory to run my programs – false!  I just added a bunch so I knew this wasn’t legit… some of my programs had been working a bit slower than normal for a few days and even crashing… that’s a sure sign you are headed for trouble.

I closed the programs like the warning told me to do and attempted to restart my computer.  All I ever saw again was a gray screen and the Apple…

Apparently there has been a recall on some iMacs with Seagate hard drives.  I don’t recall getting an email about it – so I didn’t know until I went and chatted with my local Apple Store genius.  My poor computer was just destined to fail!

If you have an iMac, I highly recommend figuring out if yours is a ticking time bomb BEFORE it stops you in your tracks…

Here is a link to learn more: http://www.apple.com/support/imac-harddrive/

I tried to keep things in perspective and focus on everything I could be thankful for – here’s a partial list:

  • I was thankful I had my husband’s laptop so I was able to do the webinar – although I was a bit more frazzled than I would have liked to be.
  • I was practically kissing my external Time Machine drive because it had backed up everything on the drive that crashed 2 hours before the crash.  After the new hard drive was installed, it took about 4 hours to reconfigure it from Time Machine and almost everything was back to normal.  PHEW!  I just have to hunt down a few software license keys and it will be like I time warped back to Tuesday when things were hunky-dory!
  • No art was lost!  That is the MOST IMPORTANT THING – had all my work been on my main drive and if I didn’t have backup systems in place, I could have been out of business!  * shudder *
  • I live close to an Apple Store and they took care of me quickly – thank you Patrick in Washington Square!

I will be reviewing all of my backup systems and options again to see if there is anything that can be done even better – stay tuned, I’ll let you know what I discover.

In the meantime – if you have an iMac – PLEASE see if you are at risk.  A controlled, planned hard-drive change would have been a much better way to go!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed