I’d give Dennis the boot at Google and be in charge of the doodles! In fact, in honor of my recent visit to the New York offices of Google, I created my own Halloween Google Doodle and emailed it to Dennis — along with written permission to use it on Friday.  Fingers crossed!


Now I know there are a lot of artists who aren’t so keen on Google’s involvement in art these days, but I did take a few minutes to explain my concerns while enjoying the view from the cafeteria. Here… enjoy the view with me… pretty spectacular huh? (That’s the Empire State Building, front and center)  The food was just as good… and a job perk, not a cash register in sight.

Did you know they have food stations every 50 feet in their offices?  Everything from espresso to M&M’s (someone labeled them “semi-food”) to organic nuts and tons of protein bars and oatmeal in between.

I was fortunate enough to be able to eat and tour the offices since Craig’s friend works at Google. Of course, being the man that he is, Craig had no idea he worked for Google until we showed up — it ended up being one of the highlights of my trip.

Ask anyone who knows me, I LOVE to go places not everyone can go… and Google is one.  Tight security!  No secrets will be revealed here… no siree! (I promised Doug… plus I didn’t see any.)

But I did see a bunch of Razor Scooters.  Google is in the very large Port Authority building so they have scooters throughout the halls– they don’t want their employees wasting time going to meetings so they provide the means to SCOOT around quickly.

If you work at Google and need a break –head to the game room.  There you can play ping pong, Dance, Dance, Revolution, Guitar Hero, and more.  There are massage chairs… not sure about hula hoops but I wouldn’t be surprised.  They pull out the stops for their people at Google.

SO… I just had to share!  It was fun!  If I ever get a real job, I want Dennis’.

Or better yet, if I ever move out of my home and have a larger studio space, I’m getting cement floors and Scooter Parking signs.  If you have to spend your day doing something, make sure it is fun!

Have a fun and creative day!

~ Tara

P.S.  To see the note from Dennis and an archive of his Google Doodles, click here