A big “Mother’s Day Shout Out” to all you mother’s out there!

springcouponartistAs I am apt to say, “Parenting ain’t no joke!”  (Good grammar I know but it sounds good when I say it with much enthusiasm!)  Until you are a parent yourself there really is no way to understand just what it is to be so attached to, responsible for, concerned about, delighted in and yes, sometimes frustrated with your child.

I made a card with this artist in flowers for my mom this year.  Inside I wrote, “Mom, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you telling me I could be anything I put my mind to.  Thank You!”

Now I wish I had added a line for her to come read this blog post — but don’t worry, I’ll email her.

I appreciate her for letting me try every craft under the sun growing up.  For buying me art supplies and Christmas decoration making kits – and for hanging those hand-made treasures on the tree.  For putting my work on the fridge and later on the wall – showing my that my art was important, no matter the technique or medium.

Without parents who encourage creativity in children, there would be no artists. Without a support system that tells us to follow our passion, work through the rough times and stay the course, fewer of us would be in business.  Today is the day I thank my mom for her unending love, support and influence in my life.  I also think about how I can and do encourage my son in his creative endeavors.

So today, find a mom and acknowledge her hard work!  Maybe it’s your mom, your friend or your neighbor.  Because as I said in the beginning… Parenting ain’t no joke!

Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours!  Here’s a photo of some of the mom’s in my life…

– Tara