I have been doing Art Licensing Info Ask Calls in basically the same way since December of 2008.  I announce who will be answering the questions, we ask artists to submit questions, we gather and organize the questions, we do the call.

However, in the past year, it has almost felt like I’m pulling teeth to get questions.  We average 80-100 artists who listen live for each call and have hundreds of artists download the free replays.  So I’m pretty sure artists LIKE the calls…

My question is, should I change the way I do them?

Do you not want to be bothered submitting questions?  Do you want me to decide what you hear and learn?  I love doing these calls and find them so inspiring, but I’m getting a little frustrated begging for questions so if the majority of artists want the format changed a little, then we will do it.

Please answer this quick survey so I can get a feel for what you think – thanks!

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Thank you for your feedback and here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed