I’m not one to obsess over analytics and keywords and SEO… I try to optimize things for all of my websites of course, but I could drive myself crazy and never get to picking up a paintbrush if I looked at all the many ways to analyze a website.

But for some reason I was compelled to go take a look.  If you sign up for a Google account there are so many free trackers and tweakers and tables that you could hire a full-time employee to manage it all.  (Not in the budget so it’s me, at random intervals.)

webmaster tools

As you can imagine, I would like the www.ArtLicensingInfo.com site to come up well with the keyword “art licensing”, and it does.  It currently has the #4 position.  (Yeah!)

keyword-00pmBut an interesting thing happened when I looked at the “Keywords” table… what on EARTH is “00pm”  the keyword Google thinks has the most significance for my site? Next most significant?  “00am”…

Well, I clicked on it to discover that Google thinks the WebCalendar, that I don’t even think anyone really looks at, is  the most important piece of ArtLicensingInfo.com. Google says, ‘”Below are the most common keywords Google found when crawling your site. These should reflect the subject matter of your site.”

ACK!  They aren’t Google!  They aren’t!

Anyway, I felt compelled to share.  Sometimes it is good to go see if what your site is about and what Google or another search engine thinks your site is about, matches.  If it doesn’t, the people you want to find you aren’t going to find you.  How many of you have done a search for “OOpm” in hopes of finding information about art licensing?  I’m not a betting girl but I’m going to bet NONE.

So… the web calendar is history.  It takes time and is apparently a Google SEO gremlin in disguise.

I encourage you to go see what your site looks like to the Google robotic eyes… for more information about webmaster tools, go to http://www.google.com/webmasters/

Here’s to your creative (and SEO) success!

– Tara