I continue the “Art as Pie” triology with today’s installment:  How Your Art is Like Pie. Last time I talked about your business.  Now let’s compare the actual ART in the business to a pie…

The trilogy consists of:

  1. How your art business is like a pie… CLICK HERE IF YOU MISSED IT
  2. How your art is like a pie… (below)
  3. How art licensing is like a pie… (coming soon)

[youtube JqoKD7wIZlA nolink]

– Tara

P.S.  This trilogy should also be a lesson in ‘done is better than perfect’… although none of the videos are the first try, they are close!  I set my handy timer so I wouldn’t over obsess, it’s the concept that is important, not that I may stumble on a word or phrase here and there.  Have you tried video yet?

P.P.S.  Do not take what I say in this video as legal facts… if you sell your art outright or in galleries, you don’t always sell the copyrights… to learn more, listen to the free interview with Attorney Cheryl Hodgson… click here to see the post and get the link.